Dane Dems

Vote No! No! No! on state referendums

We are urging people to vote NO on all three statewide referendums.  

The first and second referendums would result in an amendment to the Wisconsin Constitution that will increase the number of people held behind bars even before they’ve even been convicted of a crime by expanding the conditions under which judges can restrict pretrial release or impose cash bail.

Even though these might seem like reasonable things on the surface, in reality, increased pretrial detention and greater use of cash bail will:

  • Violate the rights of those who are innocent until proven guilty
  • Increase costs for local jails,  including those in rural areas
  • Disproportionately impact low-income people
  • increase racial disparities in the justice system

The third referendum, about having a work requirement for adults who get welfare but have no kids. is already the law in Wisconsin.  This is what’s called an advisory referendum, and it’s solely meant to drive conservative voters to the polls. 

The League of Women Voters of Wi and the WI Democracy Campaign have both published excellent information about these referendums if you\’d like to learn more.