Dane Dems



Guidelines for Spring 2024 endorsements

The Dane Dems Endorsement Committee will meet in February to make recommendations for endorsements to be voted on by the membership at the March 6 meeting. 

  • Candidates seeking endorsement should submit an endorsement questionnaire by January 26.  SUBMISSION DEADLINE EXTENDED TO FEBRUARY 1. The questionnaire is currently available at: http://tinyurl.com/CandidateEndorsement24. Please note that we understand not every question is equally pertinent to every position and that answers can be as brief or as long as you wish.

 – If you are a candidate in a race with no primary and you have not been previously endorsed by Dane Dems for that position, we will schedule an endorsement interview with you in February.    

 – If you are a candidate in a race with a primary and you have not previously been endorsed by Dane Dems for that position we may wait until after the primary to schedule an interview with you, depending upon how many endorsement requests we receive.

– If you are a candidate who was endorsed by Dane Dems in the previous election cycle for the seat you are currently running for the Committee will review your questionnaire and let you know whether they wish to interview you. 


  • All endorsement interviews will be conducted over Zoom. The most likely dates for interviews will be the weekend of February 3-4 and February 24-25, but we will confirm those dates shortly.
  • You must be a member of the Democratic Party at the time of your interview or the interview will not be conducted. Click here to join the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.
  • Recommendations made by the Endorsement Committee will be voted on by the membership at our March meeting. Completed candidate questionnaires will be posted for the membership to review before the March vote.

Questions?  Contact us at [email protected]