It’s picnic time!

This year’s annual picnic comes in the middle of a lively primary season. So in addition to the enjoying usual good times, we’ll also get an opportunity to hear from candidates who wish to stop by. Please come! When: 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Sunday, July 15 Where: Warner Park picnic shelter, 2930 N. Sherman Ave., Madison… Read More

June meeting: Kober, other candidates on the statewide ballot

We don’t normally meet in June, but this election season is so action-packed (and candidate-packed) that we are getting together. We’ll hear from lieutenant gubernatorial candidate Kurt Kober and any other Democratic candidate for statewide office — governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, and treasurer — who hasn’t met with us recently and wishes to… Read More

State Convention delegate list

I’d like to first thank everybody for their interest in being a delegate for the DPW State Convention next month. We have more delegate slots than people who wished to be delegates – so everybody who wished to be delegates will be delegates this year. DELEGATES: You need to have your membership up-to-date for convention… Read More

Comments on Nicholson’s Remarks

Democratic Party of Dane County Chair Michael Basford said the following about comments smearing Democrats who have served our country by “Republican” candidate for U.S. Senate Kevin Nicholson: “Today, ‘Republican’ Wisconsin U.S. Senate candidate Kevin Nicholson stated that ‘Those veterans that are out there in the Democrat [sic] party, I question their, their cognitive thought… Read More

District and state convention info

The Second Congressional District and Wisconsin State Conventions are coming up soon, and all members are invited to participate. Convention-goers will be able to hear from fall candidates, vote on the resolutions that become tpart of he party platform, and network with like-minded progressives. (Non-members are also invited to attend but will not be able… Read More

Celebrate spring election victories!

A statement from County Party Chair Mike Basford: “Today is a great day for Democrats in Dane County! All over Dane County, voters yesterday chose strong, progressive Democrats to represent them in local office. And in turning out voters for these races, we were able to help Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice-Elect Rebecca Dallet net 81… Read More

Spring election GOTV and victory party!

It’s time to get out the vote for Rebecca Dallet for Supreme Court and our great local candidates! There are lots of opportunities to get involved, in neighborhoods all over the county. Please check out this list and come help! Then, after the polls close on Tuesday, April 3, come by the Essen Haus, 514… Read More

Spring election days of action, part II

The spring election is less than three weeks away, and there are thousands more voters we need to reach. Please consider coming out this weekend to knock doors for Rebecca Dallet and our outstanding endorsed local candidates. There are opportunities all over the county, listed here. Please join us!

Spring election days of action!

In this week’s Marquette Poll, more than half of the respondents said they didn’t have enough information to decide on the Supreme Court race. Now’s our chance to help them out on that, and on local races as well. The weekend of March 10-11 is the first statewide field-outreach push of the general election campaign.… Read More