About Us


“The mission of [Dane Dems] is to promote and enact the platform of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and resolutions of the State and County Parties. We do this primarily by electing Democrats to public office who support our platform. We also advocate for issues included in the platform and resolutions, and work with other groups who have similar goals.” (Excerpt from Article 3 of the Constitution of the Democratic Party of Dane County)


“Any resident of Dane County at least 14 years of age who subscribes to the liberal principles of the Democratic Party is eligible for voting membership and shall become a member upon payment and receipt of dues. Such person is automatically a member of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.” (Article 4, Subsection 4.01 of the Constitution of the Democratic Party of Dane County). Members are eligible to take part in party governance, including decisions on endorsements and resolutions. Membership in the Dane Dems also comes with membership in the state party. More info here. 

Executive Board

Dane Dems is led by its Executive Board, which consists of party members elected to unpaid officer positions by party members. The Executive Board meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month except December. Click here for a list of Executive Board members.

Other Democratic Parties and Committees

While Dane Dems is the Democratic party specific to Dane County, there are other Democratic parties also working for residents of Dane County. Please note that while these and other Democratic parties, committees, and candidates share a set of values and often share resources, we do not operate in lockstep, nor do we control each other:

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