It is not enough to elect Democrats to office. We need to engage with and support elected officials on policy decisions. The county party expresses its views through resolutions, voted on at membership meetings and forwarded to relevant elected officials, the media, or others. When appropriate, our resolutions are forwarded up through the Second Congressional District Convention and the State Convention.

The role of the Platform & Resolutions Committee of the Dane Dems is threefold:

  1. To assist in the creation of resolutions relevant to current events and political debates, both for the Dane Dems and Democratic Party of Wisconsin platforms;
  2. To help inform the party membership, candidates, elected officials and general public of that platform;
  3. And to communicate and coordinate with Platform and Resolution Committees of other county parties, the 2nd Congressional District, and the DPW.

Proposed resolutions:

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Resolutions recently passed by the general membership:

Want to write a resolution but need some help? Questions about the process?

You can reach the entire Platform & Resolutions Committee at

You can reach the chair of the Platform & Resolutions Committee, Kelly Danner, at

You can find the sponsor contact information for individual resolutions on the PDFs attached above.

The resolutions process is somewhat complex, so that our resolutions accurately reflect our values and members have opportunity for input. Here’s a basic breakdown of what the process looks like: