Dane Dems

Historic Voter Turnout in Dane County to Elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

For Immediate Release

Dane County voters turned out in record numbers to elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the next President and Vice-President of the United States.  

“A year ago, we began working to ensure that every blue vote in Dane County would be cast for our presidential nominee”, said Alexia Sabor, Chair of the Dane Dems. “And thanks to thousands of hours of voter contact our grassroots organizers and volunteers have put in, plus the dedicated efforts of many others throughout our county and our state, we won Wisconsin and helped stop Trump from achieving an electoral college victory.”

Over 89% of all registered voters in Dane County cast a ballot in the November general election. We cast 42,460 more ballots for Joe Biden than for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Biden won Wisconsin by 20,697 votes in this election.

“We have had a decade of Republican rule in Wisconsin, in which they have changed the rules to subvert democratic processes. I am grateful for the many people who worked to win this election and take courage in the transformational change we’ve brought about together,” added Sabor. “We will take some time to rest and restore ourselves. Then we will start planning for the long haul and the fights that still lay before us, starting with electing a State Superintendent of Education that values our public schools and our children in 2021 and working to ensure that legislative maps are redrawn more fairly.”