Dane Dems

Dane Dems Donations Promote Progressive Representation in Wisconsin

The Democratic Party of Dane County is excited to announce that we are furthering the fight for
progressive representation across Wisconsin with donations of $5000 to the Assembly
Democratic Campaigns Committee and $3000 to the Senate Democratic Campaigns

This year has demonstrated how devastating the inaction and short-sightedness of the
Republican majority can be for our state. The blatant disregard for public health and justice
displayed these past few months by Robin Vos, Scott Fitzgerald, and the Republican majority in
our legislature over the last 200 days has cost many Wisconsinites their lives and jeopardized
the well-being of countless others. As we continue to navigate the dual crises of the Coronavirus
pandemic and systemic racism across our state, we recognize that wresting control of the
legislature away from our dangerously apathetic GOP elected officials is critical to ensuring that
every Wisconsinite has representatives in the Assembly and Senate who will look out for
the public good, rather than their own private and political self-interests.

Dane County is home to many candidates that have stepped up to run in the name of justice,
equality, and other progressive Democratic values. Among these are Abigail Lowery (AD 37),
Melissa Winker (AD 38), and Melisa Arndt (AD 42), each of whom are challenging Republican
incumbents in heavily gerrymandered districts in and around Dane County. These three
fantastic candidates spoke at our October membership meeting, highlighted their connection to
their communities, and pledged to bring fair and honest representation back to their districts. We
encourage all of our members to support these candidates through donations, volunteer work,
or any other means possible.