Dane Dems

June Meeting: Digital Dems

  • WHEN: 7 p.m. Wednesday, June 10th
  • WHERE: Online – registration link to be provided

This month, the Digital Dems Co-Organizers Nora Barthol and Perry Govier will teach us how to identify and respond to misinformation, conspiracy theories, and trolls on Facebook and other platforms. Members will also vote to confirm Executive Board recommendations to appoint Kalvin Barrett as the 46th Assembly District Representative and April Kigeya as an At-Large Member to the Executive Board.  Note: You must be a current member to vote. 

As this is our first virtual meeting, our process will be a little different than what we\’ve done in the past. We\’re still testing to ensure we\’ve worked out the kinks but here\’s what to expect:

1. You will receive another email with a registration link to the meeting in the next few days.

2. We are asking members who wish to vote to confirm the Executive Board\’s recommendations to appoint Kalvin and April to register for the meeting no later than noon on June 10th. This will enable sufficient time for us to confirm membership statuses before the meeting begins. 

3. You may register to attend the meeting at any time but we cannot guarantee that your membership status will be confirmed in time for you to vote on the appointments if you register after noon on June 10th.

4. You may sign into the meeting via Zoom link provided at least 30 mins prior to the meeting at 6:30pm.