Dane Dems

Spring endorsements

The county party membership has endorsed the local candidates below. More endorsements will be considered after the primary, at the March 20 meeting. Note that the party does not endorse in judicial races, but in the critical state Supreme Court race, the clear progressive is Lisa Neubauer.

Please support these great Democratic candidates:

Cottage Grove  AL        Sarah Valencia
Cottage Grove  AL        Heidi Murphy
Cottage Grove  AL        Jeff Lennberg
Dane County    36         Melissa Ratcliff
Fitchburg          7           Matthew Jones
Madison            1           Barbara Harrington McKinney
Madison            2           Patrick Heck
Madison            2           James White
Madison            4           Mike Verveer
Madison            5           Shiva Bidar Sielaff
Madison            6           Marsha Rummel
Madison            7           Donna Moreland
Madison            7           Badri Lankella
Madison            8           Avra Reddy
Madison            8           Matthew Mitnick
Madison            10         Kristin Johnson
Madison            11         Arvina Martin
Madison            14         Sheri Carter
Madison            16         Michael Tierney
Madison            17         Samba Baldeh
Madison            19         Allison Martinson
Madison            19         Keith Furman
Madison            20         Christian Albouras
Sun Prairie        1           Emily Lindsey
Sun Prairie        2           Bill Connors
Verona               2           Sarah Gaskell
Verona               3           Charlotte Jerney
Verona               4           Heather Reekie