State Convention delegate list

I’d like to first thank everybody for their interest in being a delegate for the DPW State Convention next month. We have more delegate slots than people who wished to be delegates – so everybody who wished to be delegates will be delegates this year.

DELEGATES: You need to have your membership up-to-date for convention by 5PM THIS FRIDAY, MAY 18 (that’s TOMORROW). If you are not a paid-up member (as in, paid up through the month of June by 5PM FRIDAY), you will be bounced from the delegate list — no exceptions. If you are unsure of your status as a member, you will need to contact the DPW office to verify your member status and pay up if you are not current with your membership. The DPW has sent out notices to people who are not up-to-date on membership and we will try to notify people this week who have lapsed memberships BUT IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO VERIFY YOUR MEMBERSHIP. If you have questions regarding your membership, you may contact Tom McCann at the DPW office at or call 608-807-0608.

Of course, many of you will have questions and I look forward to hearing them and trying to answer them. Please email me at if you have those questions. Now, here are our lists of provisional delegates and alternates as of today, May 14:

DANE COUNTY AUTODELEGATES (Do not count against delegate number):

Rep. Jimmy Anderson
U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin
Michael Basford (Dane Dems Chair)
Rep. Terese Berceau
Sen. Jon Erpenbach
Tony Evers (State Elected Official)
Rep. Gary Hebl
Rep. Dianne Hesselbein
Mike Johnson (Admin Committee Representative)
Justin Koestler (Admin Committee Member)
Secretary of State Douglas La Follette
Frank Long (LGBT Caucus Chair)
Gretchen Lowe (Admin Committee Representative)
Sen. Mark Miller
U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan
Rep. Sondra Pope
Sen. Fred Risser
Shonita Roach (Women’s Caucus Chair)
Rep. Melissa Sargent
Sarah Smith (Young Democrats Chair)
Rep. Lisa Subeck
Rep. Chris Taylor
Nathan Timm (Rural Caucus Chair)
Randy Udell (DPW Treasurer)
Christine Welcher (2nd CD Chair)


Elizabeth Alleman
James Anderson
Steve Arnold
Sarah Barry
David Baum
Bruce Beck
Mary Beck
Jon Becker
Joanna Beilman-Dulin
Mary Bell
O. L. Bell
Michael Bell
Ron Berger
Ron Biendseil
Bob Bolles
Bradlley Braaten
Adam Brabender
Alexi Brooks
Alexander Brooks
Toni Brown
Maia Brunel-Hamel
Jay Chatterjee
Jeffrey Christensen
Jake Clanderman
Carolyn Clow
Cara Connors
Katherine Cronin
Michael W Crute
Brittany Cudaback
Annette Czarnecki
Kelly Danner
Ada Deer
Ann DeGarmo
Matthew Dessart
Jeffery Doerfer
Amy Donner
Susan Dopp
Michelle Dunphy
Karen Edson
Analiese Eicher
Brian Evans

Adam Fearing
Cassi Fenili
Eric Finch
Paticia Fleming
Alan Furnas
Luke Fuszard
Mark A. Garthwaite
Maggie Gau
Corban Gehler
George Gillis
Lynn Glueck
Sarah Godlewski
Anna Gouker
Gary Goyke
Adam Grabski
Jeremiah Grabski
Teresa Halberg
Julie Halverson
Joe Hanes
Colleen Hartung
Dianne Haskins
Lydia Hester
Teresa Holberg
Mary Hollister
Peter Hollister
Doug Holmes
Thomas Hoover
Kathleen Hoppe
Nathan Houdek
Andrew Humphrey
Frances Huntley-Cooper
Jenna Jacobson
Mark Johnson
Lily Johnson
Jane Kashnig
Christopher Kashnig
Cynthia Kaump
Sonja Keesey-Berg
Ronald Keesey-Berg
Joann Kelley
Linda Kessel
Awais Khaleel
Tim Kiefer
April Kigeya
Mary Kolar
James Kreft
Daniel Kursevski
Ashley Lange
Carol Larsen
Christine Lazar
Rebekah Lazar
Lindsay Lemmer
Noah Lieberman
Dawn Lindloff-Shegonee
Emily Lindsey
Deborah Lofgren
Maxwell Love
Stephanie Lowden
Lawrence Lowden
Abigail F. Lowery
Emma Lowry
Zach Madden
Michael Major
Michael Malone
Bridget Maniaci
Arvina Martin
Marie Martini
Tom McCann
Maureen McCarville
Daniel Mcclain
Marilyn McDole
Margaret McInnis
Ann McNeary
Kathleen McQuade
Peter Michaelis
Michelle Michalak
Crystal Miller
Thomas Miller Jr.
Jacob Miller
Mahlon Mitchell
Kate Morand
Charles Myers
Russell Novkov
Sean O’Brien
Benjamin Olneck-Brown
Ian Oyler
Ismael Ozanne
Meghan Parker
Michael Pearson
Amanda Peterson
Max Prestigiacomo
Melissa Ratcliff
Kaja Rebane
Satya Rhodes-Conway
Dan Rohwer-Nutter
Dr. Howard Ross
Nancy Rottier
Kelda Roys
Alexia Sabor
Bill Scanlon
Timothy Schabo
Hugh Schmidt
Chris Schmidt
Alice Schneiderman
Cynthia Schultz
Arthur Shegonee
Miriam Shelef
Aharon Shelef
Michael Slana
Henry Smith
Harriett Spira
William Spira
John Stanley
Amy Starobin
Wanda Stroyny
Shelia Stubbs
Roger Thompson
Alan Thompson
Joyce Tikalsky
Marilyn Townsend
Deborah Turski
Charles Uphoff
Reed Van Gorden
Nicki Vander Meulen
Luis Varela
Lisa Wachholz
Dorothy Wheeler
James White
Sarah Wilson
Janis Wrich
James Wrich
Lindsey Zblewski

Again, please let me know if you have any questions and see you in Oshkosh next month!