Dane Dems

Support our slate in the April election!

Updated March 15.

Please support our great candidates in the April 3 election. Note that while we do not formally endorse judicial candidates, in the Supreme Court race, Rebecca Dallet is a great progressive running against a GOP-and NRA-aligned conservative.

These candidates have been formally endorsed by the Dane Dems membership. Links are shown for campaign sites in competitive races*:

Mary Kolar, County Board 1
Heidi Wegleitner, County Board 2
Analiese Eicher, County Board 3
Richard Kilmer, County Board 4
Hayley Young, County Board 5
Yogesh Chawla, County Board 6
Pam Porter, County Board 6
Carousel Bayrd, County Board 8
Jeremy Levin, County Board 10
Al Matano, County Board 11
Kelly Danner, County Board 11
Chuck Erickson, County Board 13
George Gillis, County Board 14
Steven Peters, County Board 15
Jamie Kuhn, County Board 16
Jeff Pertl, County Board 17
Michele Ritt, County Board 18
Julie Schwellenbach, County Board 20
Andrew Schauer, County Board 21
Maureen McCarville, County Board 22
Shelia Stubbs, County Board 23
Tanya Buckingham, County Board 24
Anna Gouker, County Board 24
Tim Kiefer, County Board 25
Sharon Corrigan, County Board 26
Nikole Jones, County Board 28
Patrick Downing, County Board 30
Jason Knoll, County Board 32
Jenni Dye, County Board 33
Patrick Miles, County Board 34
Carl Chenoweth, County Board 35
Danielle Williams, County Board 36

Melissa Ratcliff, Cottage Grove Village Board AL

Anna Moffit, Madison Metropolitan School Board 1
Gloria Reyes, Madison Metropolitan School Board 1
Mary Burke, Madison Metropolitan School Board 2

Eric Kryzenske, McFarland Village Board, AL

Molly Grupe, Monona City Council AL

Amanda Peterson, Oregon Village Board AL

Tim Swadley, Stoughton Mayor
Phil Caravello, Stoughton City Council 2
Regina Hirsch, Stoughton Council 3
Nicole Wiessinger, Stoughton Council 4
Frank Sullivan, Stoughton School Board AL
Allison Song, Stoughton School Board AL
Yolibeth Fitzgibbon, Stoughton School Board AL
Kathleen McLaughlin-Hoppe, Stoughton School Board AL

Steve Stocker, Sun Prairie City Council 1
Theresa Stevens, Sun Prairie City Council 2
Marylin Ruffin, Sun Prairie School Board 1
Bryn Horton, Sun Prairie School Board 2

Luke Diaz, Verona Mayor
Chad Kemp, Verona City Council 1
Katie Kohl, Verona City Council 2
Kate Cronin, Verona City Council 3

*Are you or your candidate in a competitive race but without a link? That means we couldn\’t find your campaign site. Send us a note with the correct URL.