Dane Dems

Small sacrifices now, big wins in 2018

To help retake Wisconsin in 2018, we are launching a new fundraiser: Sacrifice Your Vice.

We are asking that you pass up one indulgence, just one little treat, once in a while. Whether it’s ice cream, cheese curds, an extra beer or soda, skip it for at least one day and send those few dollars to your county party.

If every  current member of the Dane Dems pledges just $3 a month for 12 months, the party will have over $40,000 in the bank by September 2018!

We will use the funds to open more campaign offices in order to improve Democratic outreach to potential voters. The party will also invest in candidates\’ campaigns, sponsor campus activities, and support grass-root efforts throughout Dane County and the rest of Wisconsin.

Click here to donate online, or mail a check to: Dane Dems Sacrifice Your Vice, P.O. Box 2082, Madison, WI, 53701-2082. You can also drop donations in the Sacrifice Your Vice jar at the monthly meetings.

Together we can make a healthy investment in Wisconsin\’s future!